How To Respond To Negative Hotel Reviews


Hotel guests have high expectations. They don’t just want a good stay — they want an exceptional one. And they’re prepared to do some serious research to ensure the best possible experience by reading online reviews.

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Travel reviews have become even more important over time. In fact, research from Tripadvisor shows that 81% of travelers always or frequently read reviews before booking a trip. That same survey also reveals that guests are more likely to book the hotel with the higher rating when choosing between two identical properties.

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So, what should you do when you’re faced with negative hotel reviews? Responding is actually your best course of action. You’re about to discover not only why responding to negative hotel reviews is critical, but also how to do it — complete with some examples.

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The importance of responding to negative hotel reviews

Even properties with stellar ratings inevitably receive a negative review here and there. It’s simply a reality in the hospitality business, especially when you consider that research from J.D. Power shows hotel guest satisfaction has declined by 8 points since 2021.

While receiving negative reviews is unpleasant, it’s important to respond. Doing so can actually make a world of difference. Why? Because there’s a clear correlation between responsiveness and high ratings. It’s also what guests have come to expect. According to a report from Expedia, 91% of travelers say property owners and managers should reply to negative reviews — courteous replies improve their impressions.

The message is clear that not only do hoteliers need to respond to negative reviews, but also that doing so in the right way is crucial. Having a bad review on sites like Tripadvisor hurts your reputation. But a proper response to a bad review can minimize the damage to your reputation and repair your relationship with unhappy reviewers.

How to respond to negative hotel reviews

You want to show prospective guests that your hotel reads, internalizes, and responds to reviews. This means you should personalize messages while also keeping your brand voice in mind. You should also research the issue before you respond so that you are aware of as many details of the guest’s stay as possible.

Did the guest complain before check-out? Is there a record of his or her communications with your staff? With this information, you can begin crafting your response.

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