5 Tips To Increase Your TRevPAR Without Wasting Time


As you already know, offering targeted and personalized offers to your customers (before and during their stay) improves the customer experience and increases the TRevPAR.

NB: This is an article from Experience Hotel

In addition, it generates additional revenue, allowing the hotel to capture a larger portion of the guest’s travel expense budget. OTAs are an excellent example of this phenomenon, and have mastered the art of always selling more to travellers.

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How to do ? Here are 5 keys to increasing your additional sales and your TRevPAR in just a few minutes a day.

1. Automation

The first step to increasing your TRevPAR is to automate the sending of additional offers to your customers.

The goal?

⇒ Save time on repetitive tasks and automate additional revenue generation.

How ?

⇒ By connecting your PMS and your CRM in order to set up targeted mailings.

And concretely, what does it give?

⇒ When a customer reserves a room, the room is recorded in the PMS, and the information is transmitted to the CRM (or GRC, customer relationship management tool).

The latter then sends customers an e-mail with special offers (breakfast, upgrade, lovebox, parking space, shuttle, adapter, etc.) adapted to their segmentation. For example, a “Lovebox” will not be sent to a corporate customer traveling alone, and an adapter will only be offered to foreigners with plugs different from yours.

Personalized messages promoting your additional services are therefore automatically sent, taking into account your target customer, throughout their journey.

This automation gives staff more time to focus on your customers right now.

2. Segmentation

If spamming your customers risks annoying them, and reduces your chances of increasing your sales volume, there is however a way to communicate without “harassing” your customers. Humanize and personalize your communication by using your segmentation in order to send relevant offers, which will respond to what we call, for lack of a better word, a “real potential need”.

According to a Google Traveler survey, 36% (more than 1 in 3!) of travelers “would pay more for more personalized information and experiences”. When you start building your segments, you should target both behaviors and events. This allows you to use booking details as well as past customer experience to precisely personalize your upsells.

Some examples:

Nationality ;Number of people in the room (Alone, couple, family);Interaction during previous stays;Stay during the week or weekend (leisure or corporate).

Keep your business location in mind during the upsell process, as this also affects the types of offers customers prefer.

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