Stock O’Clock: Unemployment, EV Rollercoaster, Lower Oil Price, US Stock Markets Closed


    It’s Stock o’clock welcome. Another 778.000 employees filed for unemployment, COVID illness are, rising and public life becomes less public. We might stand in front of a unpleasant winter this year. The roller coaster for the EV market seems to have reached the top for now Nio Li Workhorse and Ayro are all in the red today. However year. To time, they still show impressive returns Exxon Mobil trims, its possibilities, for the future high oil prices.

    The estimates for the next seven years go down by 11 to 17 percentage Exxon says that the price of oil might top out at 60 dollars per barrel in six or seven years era. And the US stock markets will be closed tomorrow, due to Thanksgiving On Friday, the US stock markets will close early at 1 pm regional age. If you missing withdrawal indications, delight check out the European business instead, Happy Thanksgiving, bye-bye,

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