Hotels are businesses and like any other business, they need to generate revenue in order to survive.
It’s no secret that the mobile booking process for hotels trails behind other industries in terms of speed and user experience. NB: This is an article from Triptease There’s a clear drop off shown in the graphs below (Figure One; Figure Two; Figure Three) between the number of potential customers visiting...
As we move into 2022, hotel operators must be geared to completely redesign their in-house guest journey. With limited staff, hoteliers are increasingly relying on the finesse of leading edge technology to manage operations efficiently while delivering delightful guest experiences.
Rebuilding the hotel technology management strategy is simply essential now to ensure hotels are meeting service standards even with staff shortages, volatile demand, and ever rising uncertainty.
Hotel operators must now focus to engage with this growing demographic of travelers demanding contactless hotel experiences powered by technology.
Increasingly, guests care as much about their overall experience as they much as they care about finding the lowest possible rate.
he moment marks the beginning of an entirely new way to measure performance across websites and mobile devices, one that’s more private and adaptable. And yes: it really is that different! The transition is going to be difficult, as it’s not just the interface that’s changed.
People born in the year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others, but sometimes they can be impetuous, irritable and overindulgent.
When it comes to pushing the case for website translations, the numbers don’t lie. NB: This is an article from IPPWorld Here’s why. Say you have a potential guest who wants to book your hotel for an upcoming vacation. They would be doing their research and eventually booking it online. In fact, 67%... Time to upgrade! SpinnerBros account over usage limit.Time to upgrade! SpinnerBros account over usage limit.Time to upgrade! SpinnerBros account over usage limit.Time to upgrade! SpinnerBros account over usage limit.As found on YouTube