Euronews spoke to Moldovan president-elect Maia Sandu after her victory over incumbent Igor Dodon


Numerous Moldovans voted for change. Many Moldovanswant a country where they would like to staybecause today we have onethird of the populationwhich left the country because they didn’t haveany economic opportunities at home. And it’s goingto be tough not everybody in the parliament inthe current parliament shares my agenda andthe agenda which is supported by the people. Not everybody is happy to have strong institutionswhich would addressing corruption which would punishthose who have been stealing fromour parties but we will find a way. I do have strong corroborate from parties and we willfind a way to implement those daring reforms.Well, fighting corruption was a large part ofyour campaign as well as overturning that braindrain that you mentioned but given thestate of parliament as it is we plainly don’tcontrol the majority interest how are you goingto go about uniting your beings and going forward? We have been doing this already during thiscampaign we chose to build the unity of people andnot use the division and the Moldovan populationunfortunately has been segmented over many yearswith half of the people looking towards westand half of the people looking towards east.We chose the objectives which can unite peopleand this proved to be the right thing to do.

The results of these elections prove that people wantto unite around the common objectives, construct good living standards at home, as I said, buildinga functional state. It’s not going to be easy butthis is the first important step.I’m very proudof our Moldovans. I’m very grateful to all the Moldovans who went to vote. To those in the countryand to those in diaspora. We’ve seen very bignumbers of beings going to vote in many countriesof the world this means that parties still believein democracy and this is very importantfor us. Well it does seem that more and more peopleare becoming politically locked now. There hadbeen some speculation that you were going to seeka parliamentary election. Can you confirmthat? This is what the people of Moldova want. The parties of Moldova do want snap parliamentary electionsbecause the current parliament has proven thatit doesn’t work for people.

Some of the deputiesin the parliament are still involved in corruptioncases in slipping. And one wants the chance toelect a new parliament which will represent them. Now you said before that if you didwin this election that you wouldgo towards Brussels to seek morefinancial support. Has the EU responded to that? I haven’t had a chance to talkto beings in Brussels but I’ve seenmessages of support from countless parties there. Andwe do need support. Moldova is a very poor country. Many parties are affected by the crisis. We doneed support to overcome the hygienic crisisto overcome the economic crisis. And yes we want tobuild a strong economy.

Not to depend that muchon external carry. But today we would need thesupport and I’m sure that we’ll get the support. This isn’t the first time that you’ve heldhigh power of course, your disagreements overthe appointment of a prosecutor general ledto you having being magnetism effectivelyto steps down as prime minister lastyear. What readings have you learned? Well, we still have the same agenda. Lastyear the tainted legislators managed to stopus from implementing the ambitious justice sectorreforms.

This time they will not be able to do so. This is a mandate for four years. This is a mandatewhich has strong support from parties. And I willpursue the orders of the day of doing state institutionsindependent. Independent from the tainted groupsand build capacity in the stateinstitutions so that they couldstop corruption they could stop smuggling.So that the public money would go to thepeople, would go for the developmentand not disappear in somebody’s pockets ..

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