How to Respond to an Upset Guest Online


It is never a pleasant experience to deal with an angry guest in person or online.

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Knowing how to properly calm and dissolve any issue that upsets the guest requires experience. Luckily, we provide the blueprint for this topic, so you never have to worry.


The first action needed to handle an angry guest is de-escalation. Nothing gets accomplished if everyone involved in the interaction is on edge and tense.

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A great way to accomplish this is by responding in a sympathetic and understanding manner. Mention the person by their first name if that information is available. If not, addressing the writer by their username is acceptable. Letting the guest know that you are willing to hear their concerns and see where they are coming from is the right way to begin the response. Make sure to keep a compassionate tone throughout the entire response and not just at the beginning.

Address the Issue

What comes next is bringing up the issue. Common concerns and complaints from guests include hotel billing, housekeeping, cleanliness, and guest service. Whatever the problem, talk about it in the response and let them know that the hotel will make things right. Ensure that you are tailoring your reply, be unique and specific to each guest. Failing to address the issue will not only appear incompetent on your part but also appear like the hotel does not care about what is bothering the guest.

Provide Corresponding Information

If the guest is angry about an issue and feels like your hotel has slighted them, but you have done nothing wrong, just provide the correct corresponding information. Enlighten the guest on any policies or practices they are unaware of and do not apologize. In this part of your response, it is crucial to make sure you do not willingly accept any blame. This area of the guest review response allows you to teach future guests who research your hotel online about your hotel’s guidelines and standards. This is also the perfect opportunity to set expectations for future travelers.


In your online response, you must follow through on your word if you make any commitments or promises. Your hotel diminishes its reputation and loses credibility when you make a promise you don’t keep. If a guest writes a review complaining about the cleanliness of your hotel and you promise to resolve the matter, then you set the correct expectations for the guest and future travelers as well. Always keep your promises to your guests, and they will always be your customer. 

Turn it Around 

It is not about how you start but how you finish. When an angry guest leaves a negative review on your hotel, you must end the interaction positively. Concluding any guest conversation on a good note, whether on property or online, allows you the chance to mend the relationship. The value generated at the end grants an additional opportunity to save and retain them as a customer.

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