How To Optimize The Customer Journey For Mobile Connected Guests


Travelers everywhere expect their online experiences to be as frictionless on mobile as they are on desktop.

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However, the online travel and hospitality industries stand out for often failing to meet that expectation. That’s pretty shocking when you consider approximately 6.6 billion of us in the world own a smartphone. How can you ensure your property is optimized for today’s mobile-connected travelers at every stage of their online booking journey?

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We take a step-by-step look and offer practical tips on how to optimize your property’s websitebooking process, and guest experience for the ultimate mobile customer journey.

Have a mobile-friendly website for the search stage

A study by Google showed that 87% of the “digital moments” related to planning a holiday occur on a mobile device. The first step to reach travelers at this stage is to ensure that your website works like clockwork. The key aspects to focus on are speedease of use, and compelling content.

Your website should be lightweight enough to load quickly in three seconds even over slower mobile connections. One practical tip to achieve this is to make sure the dimensions of images of your property are no bigger than how they’re displayed on your website. Also ensure that files are properly compressed for optimal quality and size.

Remember that mobile visitors are navigating your hotel website on a small screen with just their fingers. An easy-to-use website is one with large, finger-friendly click targets, such as buttons, links, and form fields. Additionally, make often-accessed information, such as your telephone number and address, as easy to find on the mobile version as possible.

Finally, make sure your mobile website showcases your property with stunning imagesglowing reviews and recommendations, as well as detailed descriptions of your amenities and special promotions.

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