Critical Tips for a Club Manager’s Successful Job Search


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

With most employers letting candidates apply for jobs with the click of a button, it can be easy to be caught unprepared in an interview process. But being unprepared is the surest way for a job hunt to hit a dead end. Whether you are trying to transition into the private club industry or are a seasoned general manager looking for a change, these are the essentials for a successful club management job search:

Shine up Your Resume

The first step of any job hunt is to have a resume ready to submit. It does not need fancy formatting or graphics. But it does need to be accurate, visually simple, and easy to understand. We have some great resume-building resources and sample templates that are free to use here.

Also, make sure you save it in multiple document types and have it easily accessible from a smart phone or personal device.

Fine-Tune Your Social Media Presence

As we have discussed previously in this blog, your social media profiles need to reflect positively on you as a professional. This is especially true for Linkedin, where many hiring authorities start their search for candidates (check out what hiring managers are looking for here). Even if you are not actively searching for a job, your online presence is essential for professional networking.

Stay on Top of Certifications

Proactively renew any certifications that have expirations coming up. If you have any industry organization memberships, like CMAA, make sure they are active. Not only does this show potential employers that you are ready to hit the ground running, but they can also be opportunities for networking.

Reconnect with Your References

Even if you have previously used an individual as a reference, check that they are still willing to provide a reference for you and confirm their contact information. Let them know when and what types of roles you are applying for so they can be prepared if, and when, a call comes.

Understand Your Compensation Needs

When economies fluctuate or you are relocating, navigating the compensation conversation can be tricky. This is especially true in the private club industry, where the types, sizes, and roles within a club can vary enormously. Research the industry salary standards for different types of club operations and the cost of living in the areas you are applying. Our Salary Expectation Guide is a great place to start. With this information in hand at the outset, you will be ready to confidently advocate for yourself.

Be Reachable

You miss out on 100% of the shots you don’t take. You also miss out on 100% of the jobs you don’t hear about. Make sure you have as many outlets as possible for hiring authorities and recruiters to reach you. Have your voicemail properly set up, create a professional email address, and enable message requests on LinkedIn.

Be Open to Different Resources

Say yes to as many opportunities to network as you can! Conferences, seminars, and webinars are fantastic ways to expose yourself to opportunities and industry players.

Take a moment to hear about opportunities from reputable recruiters, like the Private Club Recruters at Horizon Hospitality. They have insight into opportunities that often are not on standard job boards or club websites. Submit your resume today!

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