CNN’s Hidden Treasures explores China’s unparalleled culture and history


China is a country that captures the imagination of many, and with its borders now reopened to foreign visitors, CNN has produced a special 30-minute travel program that highlights some of China’s hidden treasures. The program takes viewers on a journey to explore remote tea plantations, surf the waves off the southern coast, and stroll through age-old markets where artisans keep ancient traditions alive.

One of the cities that the program visits is Jingdezhen, located in the northeast part of Jiangxi Province. Known as China’s “porcelain capital,” Jingdezhen is home to a unique market for antique pottery. CNN follows artist Hao Zhenhan to discover how ceramics are still made by hand. Porcelain artistry in Jingdezhen dates back at least a thousand years, after Emperor Zhaoheng decreed the production of porcelain there to be used by the Royal Court during the Song Dynasty. Today, the artistry has evolved, with some artists even painting on liquid tea inspired by paintings from the Song Dynasty.

The program also explores the heart of China’s tea country, Shaxi, a historic market town located in Yunnan Province that was once a main trading center for tea leaves and horses on the country’s “Southern Silk Road.” CNN takes viewers through the town’s vibrant Friday Market with tea expert Zhu Liyuan, who curates her own unique tea experiences by exploring southern China in search of the country’s finest varieties of tea

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