5 Keys To Becoming A Great Hotel Marketing Leader


Being a leader is one thing; being a great leader is a whole new ball game.

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To stay at the forefront of innovation, creativity and ahead of your competitors, you need to learn the skills required to be a great leader when marketing your hotel. There are a variety of tactics that you can use to stay popular amongst your clientele. For instance, there are straightforward marketing tools that have been around for a while – like email marketing, offering packages, loyalty programmes, newsletters and the list goes on.

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Now, take a few steps back and start at the beginning of all this. Where would a hotel marketing team be? Well, they’d be at their origin. They’d be back at the reason why they started their business, the core fundamentals of why their hotel exists. Once you go back and understand what you stand for as a hotel, only then you can truly learn how to be a leader. You can only lead once you know who you are.

Understand what your hotel stands for to know how to be a good hotel marketing leader.

5 Key Recipes that Lead to a Successful Hotel Marketing Strategy

The leadership qualities can be summed up in a few key recipes that lead to a successful hotel marketing strategy. First things first, to lead well you need to know where you are going. In short, you need:

1. Vision

You need to know where you want to go—and determine how to get there. With which goals, values and beliefs. As a Hotel Marketing Manager or owner of your hotel, you need to define your goals and ensure that everyone in the team upholds them.

In addition to recognising and outlining the goals, you also need to be able to inspire others to follow suit. It makes very little sense to have values and beliefs that aren’t shared by the whole team. The entire team needs to stand behind the hotel’s vision as every member is an integral part of the entire hotel ecosystem. The act of outlining a clear vision and mission statement will serve as the communal thread that everyone in the team can depend on and turn to in moments of doubt.

Keep in mind that the goals that form your vision need to be motivational and offer solace during challenging times for the team. Problems arising are unavoidable in the hotel industry. However, with a clear vision and concrete values and beliefs to hold on to, navigating troubled waters becomes a breeze.

Determine how you will achieve your goals by establishing a mission and vision.

2. Flexibility

The biggest expense and the biggest asset in the hospitality industry are its people. They are what make the distinction between an average hotel and a great hotel. Hence, leading people correctly is a sure way to become a market leader as a whole hotel. It is essential to give everyone in the team the core knowledge they need, like the above-mentioned vision and mission statement. At the same time, give them the space and flexibility to act independently.

As a leader, you need to trust that you have trained your staff as best you can and that you have provided them with all the necessary materials to offer exemplary service. Trust that they are true professionals in their own right and will therefore make decisions that benefit the hotel, and not tarnish it. Of course, be flexible in your approach as each team member you engage with is their own person. Communicate honestly with them, let them know that you trust them and that you’re happy to see how they tackle challenges. This can give them immense reassurance and improve confidence.

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