Shocking! Scandalous! Stomach churning! – All headlines appearing at a hotel near you!!!


With the devastating impact of Covid 19 on the global hospitality industry, headlines like those above have been sadly missed in the past 12 months as more of the industry remains closed than open!

However, with some light at the end of the tunnel, however dim, I’m sure it won’t be too long before our beloved Daily Mail online  ( begins to trot out the tried and tested clickbait of scandalous hotel and restaurant operators.

As noted in past posts, if this was my only source of news and information about hotels, I don’t think I would ever stay in a hotel again! Apparently, nothing good ever happens in the hospitality industry, only scandal, death and dirt of the most repugnant types…

Here are a few stories from the Daily Mail featuring hotels, just to get you back in the mood for what’s to come in the months ahead as vaccines roll out and international travel resumes…

The top 10 worst resorts for food poisoning!

Soiled beds and ransacked rooms – are these the dirtiest hotel rooms EVER?

Why you should open your luggage on the bathroom floor and put paper over the peephole in the door!

Faecal matter on the TV remote, bodily fluids on bed linens and drinking glasses wiped with a filthy cloth: The dirtiest areas of a hotel room revealed!

Holiday nightmare as seven family members are treated in hospital for stomach bugs ’caused by a child going to the toilet in the hotel pool’ in Cyprus!

Stars, scandals & the world’s most glamorous hotel!

Bathrooms are ‘most hygienic place to eat’ in hotel rooms!

What happens when a hotel guest dies? Where do the half-used loo rolls go? And can you really steal the robe? Your burning hotel questions answered!

Hotel boss is charged with MURDER!

Sheep baffles hotel staff after being spotted `waiting for lift´!

Luckily, those of us who have worked in hotels know the real truth… it’s actually much worse!!!


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