Why Hotel Email Marketing Must be Thoughtful and Efficient


When properly executed, email marketing for hotels opens a direct line of communication to past, present, and future guests, providing them timely, relevant information and offers – and increasing your direct bookings.

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But, for hospitality email marketing to reach its full potential—and provide the return on investment you’re looking for—your communications must be efficient and thoughtful.

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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing for hotels, but reviewing your strategy and putting the tools you need in place will provide you with a solid foundation for reaching your audience, measuring your results, and improving your tactics.


Email is your portal to both current and potential guests through all touchpoints of their decision making, and when implemented correctly, can be an effective tool for securing bookings. But a hotel’s email marketing strategy requires diligence in the details. Ignoring best practices can lead to low open rates, unengaged recipients, and frequent unsubscribes, so as you build an email list for your hotel newsletter and begin to draft content, keep these tips in mind:

Segment your email list: Segment your audience by demographics or behavior to send personalized, timely emails to improve click-through rates, performance, and subscriber satisfaction. 

Don’t ignore the subject line: A well-written, persuasive subject line can prompt a guest to open your hotel’s email, and a personalized subject is even more compelling. 

Use effective visuals: Relevant, high-quality email visuals can capture audience attention and evoke an emotional response to inspire action and increase click-through rates. 

Optimize emails for mobile: Most—about 60%—of users check email on their mobile phone, so your email must be responsive and ‘read’ easily on any device.

A/B test email elements: Employ A/B testing for your subject lines, images, or calls to action to determine the most effective content for future campaigns.

Track your campaigns: Benchmark your performance and monitor audience responses to know whether your messages are resonating or if you need to rethink your campaigns.


An attractive email that also provides value to the recipient can be the difference between a reader clicking through or deleting your send.

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