Why Email Marketing is Needed in the Hotel Business


With more travellers looking for hotels to pass the night, spend the weekend, and holiday, there has been a quest by hotel owners for simple, budget-friendly ways to reach guests before and after they visit their hotel facility. Email marketing for hotels is the perfect answer.

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Email marketing is one of the most rapid means of reaching and reconnecting with guests, whether old or new. Research by HubSpot shows that email marketing yields over $30 for every $1 spent. It keeps guests informed and follows them up in an ever-competitive industry like the hotel industry.

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In this all-in-one guide, you will learn about email marketing, how to get started, and how to increase growth and revenue for your hotel business using email marketing. Let’s dive right in.

Why Email Marketing is needed in the hotel business

Email marketing is one powerful tool for many businesses and industries, including the hospitality industry. Here are some reasons why email marketing is critical for your hotel business

It enables you to build close relationships with your guests (both old and new)Using email marketing to connect with guests leads to repeat bookings and guest loyalty.There are no advertising fees or commissions to pay when you sendWith email marketing, you can up-sell and cross-sell to your past guestsEmail marketing is one way to keep your guests updatedEmail marketing is an easy way to reach more customersIt is highly effective and cost-effective for increasing revenue and profitabilityYou capture a higher ROI

Set up email marketing for your hotel in 5 steps

Setting up your email campaigns requires the right tools – especially the right software for managing customer relationships and other customer touchpoints.

It starts with building an email list

This is the first step in your email campaign. You can only send emails to the guest whose emails you have at your disposal. Without a list, you have nobody to send your marketing copy to.

Start by evaluating your current list or hotel records to build an email list.

While trying to grow your email list, remember that email is a permissions-based marketing channel, and you do not want to start wrongly. For example, sending emails containing signup forms to collect their information.

Most times, your guests can detect when you’re only trying to get them to submit certain information to you. The best way to get them to hand over their details to you is by offering emails that contain incentives or a lead magnet. For Example:

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