Why Didn’t Guests Leave Reviews? 4 Ways to Get More Feedback


Before making a buying decision, most of us are looking for opinions and recommendations from other consumers.

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Marketers refer to this type of communication as social proof or word-of-mouth communication. Social proof is among the most powerful ways to carry on traditions, tell the world’s stories, and share the things we love with friends and family. For a hotelier, word-of-mouth can bring a lot of advantages such as getting even more feedback from guests.

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Why Is It So Important To Stop Dreaming And Actually Start Getting More Reviews?

Now you are probably wondering why getting more feedback from your guests has such great importance for your hotel. The importance of online reviews stems from a very simple idea: people trust the words of others more than the company itself. It’s not us telling you this, it’s the data. And data speaks for itself.

Did you know that one of the major steps in the booking process for 95% of travelers, according to a TrustYou study, is reading reviews?

Yes, you read that right: 95%, and frankly, that’s the majority of people.

Still not convinced why you should start to look more closely at ways to improve your online reputation and get more feedback from your guests? No worries, we have more data for you. After all, we have hospitality in our blood and we believe in the power of data.

People behave differently when it comes to researching online reviews about a certain accommodation. Even if a potential customer gets a recommendation for your business from a friend, they are still very likely to go online and look at reviews.

8.7 is the average number of reviews read by travelers before making a booking decision. Every author who leaves feedback typically reads 9.8 reviews. Those who only read reviews scan 7.5 reviews before booking a stay.

Today, more than ever, people research any service or future purchase online before making a decision because they can easily access information through many devices and channels.

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