Want to Increase Hotel Revenue? Focus on Guest Experience


A positive guest experience can result in glowing online reviews, return visits, and a brand reputation that contributes to ongoing growth.

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If guests enjoy their stay at your hotel, they are more likely to return and refer your hotel to others, helping you attract even more guests. With more than 83% of guests looking at recommendations from friends, family and an active online community, guest experience is critical for conversions.

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So, what is guest experience?

The guest experience focuses on the relationship between your hotel and its guests. It includes every interaction or communication with your guests, whether direct or indirect, even if it doesn’t result in a booking.

From before they arrive and visit third-party sites or OTAs to look for accommodation or online reviews to your website, email communications and the actual stay – everything contributes towards guest experience.

Clever ideas to improve guest experience

#1 Pre-arrival contact.

In the enquiry, discovery or any pre-arrival stage, guests could use your social channels, website chatbot or other channels to find out more. It is important to be consistent and punctual when dealing with these queries.

For booked guests, make email contact and send regular communications about their upcoming stay. These communications become a fantastic opportunity to upsell your services.

Make it easy for guests to reach out to you, pre, during and even post-stay – staying connected = responsiveness = great guest experience.

#2 Allow personalisation.

Enable guests to send their preferences through in advance of their stay for a personalised experience. This closely ties in with creating a guest profile where you understand their need – do they have special dietary preferences, would they like assistance to book local experiences, etc. Allow guests to choose their rooms before they arrive.

The more you know about your guest, the better as you can even leverage this information later for marketing.

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