Top 5 Review Response Mistakes


Responding to guest reviews is not easy as it may seem.

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It is common for hoteliers to be unfamiliar with the topic and the best practices when replying to a review. This sense of uncertainty leads to many mistakes when hoteliers begin writing responses for the first time. Fortunately, here are the top five review response mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Generic Responses:

Number one on the list is being too generic in your review responses. With every single review written by a guest online, you always need to respond with a tailored and unique response. A generic response shows a lack of professionalism, care, and attention to your guest’s words. The best way to ensure you always write a well-customized response is by mentioning the guest by their first name or username in addition to the topics the guest discussed in their review. Whether the guest review is positive or negative, your role is to ensure that the guest is heard and recognized.

Not Saying Enough:

Secondly, in your review responses, ensure you add enough substance to your text. You need to engage and interact with your guest by participating in meaningful conversations with them. Finding the perfect balance between saying too much and not enough is a fine line, but there is a way to identify it. The best way to solve this dilemma is by guaranteeing that each guest review receives a response with a couple of sentences. Being too short and sweet in your responses is a proven way to discourage guest feedback and lose guest loyalty.

Using a Disrespectful Tone:

You may feel this mistake is obvious, but you would be surprised at how many hoteliers respond to reviews in a very condescending and rude way. Responding to any guest review in a disrespectful tone is never acceptable. The quickest way to lose clients and their business is by insulting them. Make certain that you respond to guest reviews in a professional, friendly, and courteous manner. Being kind and understanding will ultimately result in your hotel receiving more bookings and increasing guest feedback online.

Forgetting Contact Information:

The most frequent mistake hoteliers make when responding to guest reviews online is, forgetting to include contact information. When you finish responding to a guest review, you always want to give the guest a way to reach out and talk with a hotel associate. This could be your business phone number and email or your hotel’s. Either way, each review response should conclude with a signature then, followed by a way for the guest to communicate with the hotel should they have anything further to discuss. It is crucial to remember this because doing so shows guests online that your hotel is transparent and easily accessible.

Lack of Follow-Up:

Finally, if a guest writes a review that details dissatisfaction with their recent stay at your property, you must follow up and resolve the issue. Failing to communicate and fix the problem that the guest experienced during their stay is a defining mistake. In your response, address the guest and the reasons for their disappointment. Reassure them that their concerns will be taken care of and let them know that you look forward to hosting them again. The act of following up to guarantee guest satisfaction sets expectations for other guests who research your hotel online, as well as strengthens your hotel’s reputation.

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