Repackaging Hotel Packages


Every hotelier wants to add revenue, whether you’re looking to increase direct bookingslift your ADR, or find the right promotional rates.

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But you’ll need more than four walls and a reasonably priced bed to keep your guests coming back. The advice you’ll find time and again is to create value-added packages, so we thought we’d explore how to make those packages more compelling. Hint: Chocolate never hurts, especially when paired with an unlimited supply of prosecco.

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However, you’re not the only hotel to ever hear this advice (sorry). There are many, many packages to choose from, and after a while they start to look the same to a potential guest. It doesn’t really matter if they pick the wine and massage or the massage and wine.

You need to be creative to stand out from the competition. Here are some re-imagined package ideas to get started.

Make Use of Your Locale

You’re the only hotel in your particular location. What are the people, places, and things nearby that make you unique?

Collaborate with the restaurant next door to create a fine dining experience where guests can walk back to your inn via private lantern-lit path or pair with a local bakery for a morning croissant delivery. Hotels and food go together like, well, chocolate and prosecco.

However, eateries are not your only option. What other businesses and services are unique to your community? Is there a music venue or comedy club that’s gaining popularity? A savvy guest will ask hotel staff what to see in the city. They look for the inside scoop—the coveted personalized experience—so discuss this with your staff and approach up-and-coming businesses for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our WebRezPro client Savoy Hotel offers discounts for customers of a local backcountry guide. Guests can have their special winter wonderland experience…and come home to Savoy Hotel’s cedar sauna afterwards. Savoy Hotel has won a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for 2022, so something must be working.

Most importantly, it’s about telling a story. Be sure guests know why that winter wonderland trip is special—make them envision the snow glistening in the fir trees as they swoosh down the hill on their skis.

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