How to Reach and Attract International Travelers


People all over the world are enjoying the flourishing state of international travel and all the wonderful consequences that come with it.

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With fewer restrictions being placed on travelers as they circle the globe, international travel is back and better than ever. For hotels, this means a perfect opportunity to interact with and capture a portion of this demographic. By taking into account the various ways to engage with international travelers, reaching them has never been easier.

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Set Your Eyes On Guest Reviews: 

The importance of online guest reviews can not be overstated. Responding to online reviews is the best way to reach and attract international travelers. Guest reviews provide an instant summary of a traveler’s experience at your property right after they check out. By actively monitoring this channel, you gain a wealth of insight and knowledge on what your audience likes and dislikes. Your responsibility as the hotelier with guest reviews is to respond to each review written about your property. Reply to each international traveler individually and communicate with them in their native language to build a relationship and, ultimately, a community. 

Reputation Is Everything:

A passive approach to reaching international travelers is letting your hotel reputation do the work for you. Strong credibility and an established following go a long way with global guests. Suppose a traveler from a different country knows nothing about your hotel brand. In that case, your online reputation will decide whether they will book with you or a competitor. Reputation management is the foundation of your hotel, and international travelers will be searching for it before their trip. 

Understand And Connect Through Language:

There is no easier way to reach and attract international travelers than communicating with them in their language. Being able to interpret and translate multi languages gives your international travelers a sense of hospitality and service. As a hotel, you can welcome guests from all over the world by having translation platforms that can quickly convert one language into another to optimize your online content and review responses for them.

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