How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?


Social media marketing is the promotion of a business using social media, the main aim being to promote engagement from a specific target audience in order to build awareness and encourage explicit business-related conversions and goals.

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In this post, we’ll be exploring the cost of social media marketing, and the factors that can influence these prices, so that you know what to expect when starting with this service.

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What does social media marketing include?

Social media marketing is a term used to describe a number of different duties and responsibilities performed across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. These tasks can include some of the following.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a form of paid advertising, similar to PPC, but on social media platforms. Thanks to sophisticated targeting abilities, this allows businesses to reach audiences beyond their existing follower base. Here, a company will create ads that are specifically targeted to a chosen audience type with a view of driving specific goals. These goals could include contacts (emails, phone calls etc), sales, specific interactions (page likes, engagements etc) or website traffic.

Social media management

Social media management involves creating, scheduling, monitoring and publishing social media content on accounts on behalf of a business. This can also involve both reputation and community management. These terms cover the tasks of tracking any mentions and social media reviews and formulating responses, as well as building relationships with followers and encouraging engagements through these channels.

How much does marketing on social media cost?

Marketing on social media can vary depending on a number of different factors including; the number of channels required, the expertise, experience and location of the chosen company and the pricing model they use. All of these factors, plus more can affect the overall marketing cost.

What factors affect the cost?

Number of channels

Each social media channel requires a different strategy and different types of content in order to be successful. Therefore, due to the extra time and resources required, the more channels that are managed, the higher cost is expected to be.

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