Guest Stay Optimization (GSO): Battleground For Guests’ Hearts & Minds


Discover a new category of hospitality technology that is designed to drastically improve your guests’ experience and, as a result, your overall revenue: Guest Stay Optimization (GSO).

The entire guest journey isn’t just about their booking or even about their actual stay; in the minds of the guests, there are many milestones which contribute to their overall impressions of their journey. GSO solutions give you the tools to provide guests with a positive experience throughout the entirety of their travel journey.

Watch experts from Oaky, Laasie, Roomdex and BookingWhizz! discuss GSO, it’s benefits and how it will evolve.

NB: This is an online event conceived and produced by Jurrnee

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Happier customers = better reviews = more bookings = higher revenue. Win/win!

In this educational, unscripted happy hour event, you’ll learn:

How do you define Guest Stay Optimization? Why is it an operational imperative for today’s hoteliers?
Where does the guest journey start and end? Does it end when they leave? What are the important milestones in between?
How will the guests’ experience be optimized in the future?


Rupert Gutteridge, Head of Sales at Oaky
Ellis Connolly, Chief Revenue Officer at Laasie
Jos Schaap, CEO & Co-Founder at Roomdex
Karim Mawani, Director at BookingWhizz
MODERATED BY: Erik Muñoz, Director at SMART Hoteliers

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