Business Intelligence: Turn Data into Dollars [Event Replay]


Wondering what Business Intelligence solutions are & how they can help optimize your #revenuemanagement strategy? Confused about all the high-tech buzzwords that everyone seems to be throwing around these days?

NB: This is an online event conceived and produced by Jurrnee

Join data science experts from leading #businessintelligence companies for an easy-to-understand, unscripted, educational discussion about the importance of business intelligence data and solutions in improving your property’s profitability.

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During this event, you’ll learn:

What is BI… and what is BS? Decode all those industry buzzwords and find out which types of data/solutions will give your property an edge over the competition.
What actionable steps am I supposed to take once I have all this data?
Do I need a stand-alone solution when I already get some market data from my RMS/PMS?
How have BI solutions and the data evolved throughout COVID? Where do you see them in the next 5 years?

Niovi Alexandridou, BI Sales Lead, EMEA at OTA Insight
Jason Pinto, Co-Founder & COO at Pace Revenue
Bram Van Berkel, Chief Commercial Officer at Juyo Analytics
Apo Demirtas, Founder & CEO at HotelIQ

Next up is: PMS – Does Your Hotel’s Heart Need a Bypass?

Tuesday, October 18th at 4pm UK/5pm CEST

Join PMS experts from Apaleo, Cloudbeds, miniCal, Clock PMS+ and HotelTime Solutions for an educational, round-table style discussion about the importance of your PMS to your hotel’s operational success and overall profitability.

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