5 Creative & Reliable Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website


Do you feel like your hotel is on the precipice of success or simply missing that je ne sais quois, so you’re looking for some nifty and smart ways to capitalise on your hotel’s online presence?

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Then look no further, as we have put extensive thought into how we can help give you advice on this. We have outlined ideas that are easy to implement, involve no costs and have a proven track record in the hotel industry in bringing you website traffic.

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A Captivating Online Presence Brings You Website Traffic

It’s important to increase the amount of online traffic directed to your hotel’s website. While some still argue whether a website is necessary, we’re here to tell you that some good old-fashioned handshakes around a table are no longer enough.

The digital sphere is a stressful place, with huge amounts of noise. You may find it difficult to have your hotel’s voice heard amongst the crowd. There are a lot of hotels out there that offer great deals for their guests, and boast websites that are unique. We want to provide you with some food for thought when it comes to improving your hotel’s online presence.

Your hotel’s website is often the first touch point that guests have with your hotel, and where they get to see your brand image and hear your brand voice. It’s the place they go to for reassurance of your brand authenticity, and brand honesty and where they look to cultivate or create that initial level of trust. The trust between guest and host (hotel) is very important and also very special.

In a massive bubble that is filled with website upon website and hotel upon the hotel, how do you take your online visitors and convert them into loyal, consistent, and financially supportive guests that visit your hotel often?

You start by taking your hotel online or improving your online presence.

Then, you make your online presence as captivating as possible.

Why You Should Work Toward More Website Traffic

The reason for this is simple: more and more guests are making bookings online. There has been a surge in people purchasing items online. This means that what was once uncommon i.e. entering card details online, has now turned into people casually booking the Swan Suite at your hotel for the next sunny Sunday whilst on the train to work. Online shopping has, without a doubt, become not only a norm but also something guests find both practical and enjoyable. You have thousands of daily commuters sitting in the tram for an hour each way to and from work, who have the purchasing power to make a real difference to your hotel’s bottom line.

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