How Technology Impacts Success of Hotels?


Hospitality industry is a customer centric industry, conversely the performance of the hotel is directly dependent upon the guest experience and satisfaction. But there are a lot of factors that increase guest satisfaction, and hotels need to work on each of those factors. Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives and is a key element in improving it. Similarly, technology is helping revolutionize the hospitality industry as well.

Hotel operations consists of many moving parts and in order for a hotel to work effectively all the parts have to work well together like a well-oiled machine. Technology can do wonders for a hotel, in improving its daily operations and activities, here are some of the ways in which hotel technology management can massively boost the success of a hotel:

Employee Management

Technology can optimize the everyday process and activities of a hotel by streamlining the operations of a hotel. For example, the daily housekeeping tasks can be managed through the hotel PMS, daily room cleaning, maintenance and other special task  can be assigned and managed with a tablet or any mobile device.

Similarly, hourly, daily, or weekly tasks can be scheduled beforehand and communicated to staff with hotel PMS, and the completion or statuses of these tasks can be tracked through the same. Also, the performance in the completion of these tasks can also be marked through the same device. Therefore, scheduling, delegation and appraising can be performed through one point.

Predictive Maintenance

By using technology and deploying smart monitoring systems, any hazard or issue can be identified beforehand so predictive maintenance can be performed which would be much more cost-effective than the corrective maintenance. Implementation of smart sensors in the core infrastructure the state of the system can be monitored real time, and any discrepancy can be swiftly identified before escalating into a full-blown fault. So rather than waiting for the components to break down and replaced, Internet of Things (IOT) sensors can alert system engineers to perform maintenance of the risky components in advance.

Water lines can be monitored through smart sensors, and any forthcoming damage to the lines can be predicted due to water pressure by deploying low-cost IOT sensors. Similarly, online management platforms can continuously monitor the HVAC systems and gauge the efficiency of the system by monitoring the time required to heat or cool a room. Efficiency of the system can be maintained through this by noticing any significant drop in efficiency and rectifying the immediately.

Energy Management

Smart thermostats and occupancy sensors can be utilized to monitor and respond to any changes in room occupancy thus managing the energy efficiently. Similarly, smart energy maintenance systems analyze the usage pattern of the property in relation to occupancy and the weather and use that data to optimize the energy consumption of the property. Smart energy management can help properties to reduce their energy costs significantly.

Smart energy management is not just limited to energy consumption, smart lighting systems enable hoteliers to understand and optimize their energy and lightning requirements and automate the consumption in accordance with the collected data.

Big Data & Analysis

One of the greatest benefits of smart hotel technology management is how it accumulates data and presents it in an actionable form. A hotel’s reputation is dependent on the process of collection, interpretation, and action on guest feedback. Smart data management can enable hotels to identify relevant information available in guest reviews and feedbacks, identify those issues and compile them, hotel can then take action to address guest issues and queries.


As technology is the key to improve the quality of businesses across the globe, similarly hotel technology management is the key to enhance the standard of service for a hotel. By deploying smart management systems, hotels can massively improve the guest experience and take their guest service to the next level.

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