How property management companies can strengthen relationships with tenants during a pandemic.


The property management – tenant relationship hasn’t always enjoyed a great reputation. Add a pandemic to the mix, and it’s a recipe for some serious bad blood. Because of this, management will have to go the extra mile to accommodate residents’ complicated schedules, health worries, and financial insecurities. Because when it’s time to renew leases after the pandemic, tenants will remember how management responded to the crisis. Here are some ways they can make tenants feel secure and taken care of:

Embrace Video Platforms

Property managers have a wide range of technologies that allow them to handle almost all operations from a safe distance. With so many video chat platforms available today, potential renters can have a “walk through” of specific units. Also, property managers can handle initial paperwork and renewals virtually. With screen sharing, leasing agents can guide renters through complex documents and address questions immediately. This will bring peace of mind to renters who worry about the health risks of moving. Plus, the added convenience will most likely mean that this could become the new normal in property management.

Streamline Communications

Let’s be honest, nobody likes leaving a voicemail and having to wait until the next business day for an answer. Especially when they need something fixed now. Most tenants appreciate a streamlined approach to doing everything from paying rent to reserving time for property amenities. By using a single, comprehensive communication system, this can all happen from a smartphone.

Tenants could even request repairs and include pictures and videos so management can assess the situation without having to enter a unit. Management and maintenance teams need a simple way to schedule repairs around a variety of schedules. If tenants are working from home or doing virtual school, they need to know when to expect repairs. So, maintenance staff will need a streamlined platform to communicate with them.

Make Amenities Safe

If a property has shared amenities, management can still keep tenants safe without closing them completely. They just need to make a few adjustments to encourage social distancing. Tenants can reserve time slots to use amenities like pools, fitness centers, or laundry rooms. These spaces should have heightened cleaning procedures, and cleaning logs that are visible to give tenants peace of mind. High traffic touchpoints like elevators, laundry rooms, or parking garage entrances should have prominent hand sanitizer stations.

Maintain a Sense of Community

While traditional mixers and potlucks are out of the question right now, there are plenty of ways to build up a community. Social media is a great place for management to communicate important information and upcoming events. Residents can even connect and share pictures and resources. Management can even organize virtual gatherings like Zoom happy hours or online trivia. If a proper enough outdoor space, it could even partner with local gyms or yoga studios to host outdoor, socially distant classes.

Show Them That Management Cares

Regardless of a property’s amenities or technology, tenants need to know that the management actually cares about them. Regularly checking in to see how residents are doing and getting feedback can go a long way. Updating and communicating to residents is key, as is creating a clear channel for them to reach out to management.

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