A Hotelier’s Guide To Crafting A Mobile-Friendly Website


Mobile devices currently account for almost 60% of overall web traffic globally, with mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) quickly taking the lead ahead of desktop purchasing.

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So, if your team was looking for an incentive to prioritize your mobile presence and craft a mobile-friendly website, here it is. Why do people prefer to purchase takeaway via an ordering app on their phone instead of calling up the restaurant? It’s usually not because the food is better, but because these apps allow you to order directly from your phone.

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For this same reason, hotels need to prioritize a mobile-friendly website design when it comes to their web presence. Potential guests want to see your property, availability, and rates quickly and easily without having to open another device to do so. Mobile-friendly and responsive designs are more intuitive, accessible, and typically more efficient; allowing for quicker decisions and higher conversions.

On top of that, Google now prioritizes a mobile-friendly website over desktop for their search engine algorithm. This is something to keep in mind if you want to be one step ahead in the SEO game.

How Mobile is Different from Desktop

Mobile-first is a site designed to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. It’s adapted for smaller screens, makings sure each element is accessible and optimized on every type of mobile device. Additionally, a mobile-first website needs to load quickly because it usually loads via 4G or 5G networks instead of fast, local WiFi.

If you created your site recently, chances are that you already have a mobile-friendly website.

The fastest way to tell is to perform a Google Mobile-friendly test where you can enter your site’s URL. Google will load your website into a small mock-up of a smartphone, and share the results with you. Google’s tool provides a detailed analysis of your current website and recommends several actions you can take to optimize performance.

Crafting a Mobile-Friendly Website

The good news for most sites is that the bulk of the work will be done by your website theme. Nevertheless, it’s still worth making the extra changes below to ensure your website visitors are getting the very best experience.

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