5 Things you Need to Know About The New Master’s in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation


Why is Les Roches starting a Master’s in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation? Our brand-new Master’s in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation is a direct response to a see from the industry for more specialization in hospitality education. It’s become very apparent to us that, while we’re excellent in educate luxury hotel General Managers, we descend a little bit short in creating chairmen for the new digital age, for ranks like Revenue Managers, Director of Commercial Sales, Digital Marketing professionals, and things like that. If I want to work in hospitality, do I actually need to know about digital technology? Digital technology is very important within hospitality, in a modern date civilization, hotels use a lot of technology, online check-in, virtual concierge and guests have come to expect it, rather than going to speak to somebody at a breast table, they can do something at the clink of a button and that are actually improves their height of service.

What talents do I need in this changing hospitality industry? So the skills that you’re going to need in this changing world-wide of friendlines is the ability to be analytical, to think big picture and think how we can be efficient and smart using engineering and the resources that we have, both people, design and technology, to create an impactful guest know. What openings will open up for me if I enrol in this program? When you enrol in this program you will have opportunities within the hotel sector in tasks who are in need of greater specialized skills. Moreover, with corporations that help hotels and other cordiality businesses play better through data and analytics, and I think it’s also very interesting for entrepreneurs who embracing digitalization and that digital transformation that is happening at the moment.

Why do I need this Master’s planned when I’m already working? In many cases, hospitality asks event. If you divest apart the jobs in hotel that are not career errands, there are not very many left, and more than half of those are in the commercial-grade range, in creating additional revenues for hotels.

As a result of those talents being very specific, and the requirement for experience, by taking a Master’s program that includes an internship ingredient, you can usually bridge the gap and shorten the length of time that it takes to progress in your career..

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