5 Myths About the Hospitality Job Market During the Pandemic


With record unemployment, it’s natural to assume that hiring for hospitality positions is a cakewalk right now. But COVID-19 presents so many unique challenges that make the hospitality job market tricky to navigate. There’s no precedent to guide the strategies of both job seekers and employers, leaving many to rely on broad assumptions. Here are a few myths that our recruiters have discovered are not entirely true:

Remote Interviews Aren’t Worth the Trouble

Yes, the prospect of trying to hold a conversation while navigating technology makes some people’s hands sweat. But a recent survey from ZipRecruiter revealed that 83% of job seekers feel confident in their abilities to showcase their skills through remote interviewing. The real difficulty rests on the employer’s shoulders. Almost 45% of job seekers don’t feel like they’re able to learn about the company culture through video interviews. Employers need to showcase culture either through social media, short promotional videos, or even a quick virtual tour of the facilities. If done right, virtual interviews can give both parties a clear picture of what the other can offer.

Job Seekers Are Holding Out for Their Old Jobs

At the outset of the pandemic, there was still a glimmer of hope that things would return to normal within months. So, many workers assumed their company would eventually rehire them. But as the situation drags on, job seekers have realized that their old jobs may not be available any time soon, if ever. They are becoming much more open to exploring new roles and even new industries.

Candidates Are Stuck With Lower Offers

Of course, opportunities for job seekers are scarce. But employers understand that now is not the time to lowball candidates during the offer stage. If they don’t want to see new hires abandon ship as soon as the industry picks back up again, then the company needs to show that they value their employees. Since money is tight for most of the industry right now, many companies are getting creative with bonus plans and pay raise structures. This is also a good time for them to look at where they can add more value to their benefits plans and perks.

Workers Would Rather Collect Unemployment

Yes, the government has helped thousands of laid-off workers make ends meet. But that doesn’t mean that workers are happy to settle with unemployment. They are simply worried about how they will juggle virtual schooling, childcare uncertainties, caring for family members, as well as protect their own health. These challenges and unemployment benefits won’t last forever, so people understand that a career will best provide for their future. If companies address those concerns, they could prove dedicated and loyal workers in the long run.

High Unemployment Means Finding Candidates is Easy

Under normal circumstances, this may be true. But during a historic pandemic, the hospitality job market is so much more complicated. While companies may have current influx of applicants, they might not be seeing the candidates with the right qualities. Companies are also finding it difficult to convince the best candidates to switch companies or move right now.

As hospitality businesses adjust to the crisis, so do their needs. Roles are being tweaked, added, and merged in response. This means that finding candidates with the precise experience required becomes more difficult. Hospitality recruiters are a valuable resource for these difficult to fill roles. Not only do they know where to find the hospitality professionals with the required skills, they understand what candidates need right now to feel secure in making a career change. Contact our recruiters to learn more about how Horizon Hospitality can help your company.


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