Weird Restaurants to Try…or Avoid!!


Great restaurants are hard to find… They require a terrific location, fabulous staff, incredible thought, planning and consistency, matched with a menu and concept that is enduring and where you can’t wait to go back.

So, when all of those basic, but extraordinarily difficult things can’t be found or implemented, time to try something else. How about a gimmick of some sort – that should get the punters there in droves!

Most of us are familiar with revolving restaurants (or generally, revolting restaurants!) as these can be found in many cities. We are also familiar with those hipster joints where every food item comes in a different bizarre receptacle (apart from on a plate where it belongs!).  So how about having dinner in the pitch black or 50 metres up in the air? What could go wrong?

Sadly, many of these restaurants only hang around long enough to get a media article out before closing, so here is a selection of weird restaurants that may still be open for you to try, but probably avoid!!

Dining in the Dark – KL

There are a number of restaurants around the world with the “dark dining” concept where guests eat in total darkness. Some are bawdy for couple on first dates, whilst others are educational with blind staff, like one of the first – Blindekuh in Switzerland.

One example of the concept is ‘Dining in the Dark’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which offer a choice of ‘gastronomic menus’ and appears very popular.

Not sure if it is for me, but it is certainly unique!

The Clink – London

High down prison cell block interior

The Clink is a restaurant inside one of Her Majesties prisons. The first one opened in HMP High Down in Surrey and is used to train and educate inmates so that they might have a skill/trade once they return to the outside world. The restaurant in itself is unexceptional, whilst pretty good, but to get there, going through all the security and protocols required to enter a prison is quite something. The concept has been so successful it has now been expanded to several other prisons across the country.

Having been to this restaurant, I can say the experience is both absolutely fascinating and incredibly depressing all in one…

The Clink

Dinner in the Sky – various locations

Dinner in the Sky is pretty much what is says on the tin! A dining platform is lifted 50 metres up in the air via a crane, and once there you can float around enjoying the view, whilst enjoying a meal prepared by a chef without Acrophobia!

Not a great choice for those with a weak bladder, but another unique idea…

Dinner in the Sky

Rollercoaster Restaurant – Vienna

Flashing fluro lights, rattling roller-coaster tracks and thumping music welcome you into Vienna’s Rollercoaster Restaurant. Food and drinks are delivered to your table via the snaking rollercoaster tracks. Robots mix your cocktails and send the food – you can order via tablet for a human free dining experience that seems tailor-made for the Covid 19 era.

Looks more like an airport baggage delivery system to me, but you can’t say it’s not unique or weird!

Rollercoaster Restaurant – Vienna

Hello Kitty Grand Cafe – Las Vegas

Since the tragic closure of the Barbie Café in Taiwan, the next best option might now be the Hello Kitty Grand Café in Vegas. Fans of the Hello Kitty character can surround themselves in pink everything, whilst enjoying savory and sweet snacks including a Hello Kitty cake.

I don’t think I will be rushing here, and some report that it has closed, but good luck if you do try and find it…

Hello Kitty Grand Café


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