10th Anniversary!


July 2021 marks our 10-year anniversary in business so after an awful past 18 months for the hospitality industry, we are delighted to still be here to share it with you.

In just a decade, Elite Search has become an integral part of the international hospitality industry scene, providing a platform for industry insiders, investors and hoteliers to access some of the industry’s leading individuals.

Hospitality has experienced various ups and downs in the past decade, none more so than in the past 18 months, which have seen a major challenge for the industry and our own very specialized field of hospitality recruitment.

In these past 10 years our industry has seen tremendous change, even before the challenges of Covid 19. Companies (and people) have come and gone. Some have tried to “reinvent the wheel” only to disappear as quickly as they arrived. The same fate has befallen many online jobsites, job boards and recruiters.

We are grateful to still be around and can only thanks the patronage of our fantastic clients, candidates and partners. We continue to believe in the personal touch in all our dealings with clients and candidates and think our experience in hospitality has been a key factor in the past and will continue to be going forward.

We look forward to being of service for the next 10 years and celebrate working with current clients and welcoming new clients as we emerge from some dark days into an exciting new decade!


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